To celebrate the spirit of the vanguard, WedLuxe travelled overseas for a collaboration with internationally acclaimed photography team Miss Aniela, known for their surreal collection of photography that blurs and pushes the boundaries of art, photography, and fashion.

Deep within the British Cotswolds at Eastnor Castle, we captured extraordinary beauty of past and present. Gowns by contemporary couturiers Ashi Studio, Georges Hobeika, and Georges Chakra were juxtaposed against the magnificent Great Hall with its soaring 60-ft high ceiling and impressive armour collection. The drawing room, designed by Augustus Pugin (a pioneer of the Gothic Revival style, culminating in his interior design of the Palace of Westminster), and library, designed by George Fox (complete with Flemish tapestries originally ordered by Catherine de’ Medici), provided further visual contrast.



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Photography • Miss Aniela, Creative Director • Angela Desveaux of WedLuxe Magazine, Art Director and Producer • Rebekah Cuff of WedLuxe Magazine, Fashion Editor • Elizabeth Clark of WedLuxe Magazine, Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist • Elbie van Eeden, Wardrobe Stylist • Minna Attala, Location • Eastnor Castle, Cinematography • Cloud Nine Creative Inc.

Image 1 - Grand Entry: Dress, Bolero, and Overskirt • "Balance," Ersa Atelier from Morgan Davies Bridal, Veil • Augusta Jones from Morgan Davies Bridal, Engagement Ring • Alex Monroe

Image 2 and 3 - Low Tide: Dress• Ashi Studio, Shoes • "Marlene," Freya Rose, Necklace, Bracelet, and Ring (On Right Hand) • Mawi, Earrings • Jolita Jewellery, Engagement Ring (On Left Hand) • "Brazillian Amethyst 8mm Hoya," Alex Monroe

Image 4 - Rare Bird: Dress • "Bloom," Ersa Atelier from Morgan Davies Bridal, Headpiece • "Rosabelle," Clea Broad, Necklace and Rings • Mawi, Bracelet • Jolita Jewellery

Image 5 - Window Sea: Dress • Georges Hobeika, Veil • "S123," Bianco Evento from Morgan Davies Bridal, Bracelet • Mawi, Engagement Ring • "Green Amethyst 5mm Hoya," Alex Monroe

Image 6 and 7 - Madame Butterfly: Dress • Georges Chakra Couture, Headpiece • House of Halos, Shoes • "Marlene," Freya Rose, Belt (Worn as Choker) • "Darling," Freya Rose, Bracelet • Jolita Jewellery, Engagement Ring • "Wild Posy Twist," Alex Monroe

Image 8 - Gothic Royalty: Dress • Ashi Studio, Shoes • "Darling," Freya Rose, Headpiece • "Arela," Luna Bea Bride from The Mews Bridal, Necklace • Jolita Jewellery, Engagement Ring • "Green Amethyst Forest Jewel," Alex Monroe

Image 9 - The State Bedroom: Dress • "Savanna," Ian Stuart Bride, Headpiece • "Titania," Clea Broad, Choker • New Trimmings, Bracelet • "Astoria," Freya Rose, Ring (On Left Hand) • "Claws of Engagement," Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery, Rings (On Right Hand) • "Wild Posy Twist," and "Aquamarine 8mm Hoya," Alex Monroe

Image 10 - Secret Garden: Dress • "Antoinette," Ian Stuart Bride, Earrings • Jolita Jewellery, Bracelet • Mawi

Image 11 - Armoured in Love: Dress • “Charlitta,” Pallas Couture from Morgan Davies Bridal, Corset • Custom, Shoes • “Mara,” Freya Rose, Headdress • House of Halos, Earrings and Rings • Mawi, Necklace • “Jardin d’Amour Chartreuse,” Jolita Jewellery, Bracelets • Jolita Jewellery

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