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Aside from the fact that I am 100% enamored by Obama for a million wonderful reasons, I think it’s so cool that you can obviously see that his wife is completely enamored with "Mr. President" as well. Can you say CHEMISTRY? Wow! (Ladies, don’t you agree…he’s got some subtle but seriously sexy moves for a politician?) Last night, I felt like I was witnessing a fairytale come-to-life or an epic scene in a big hollywood movie. But, it’s all real and it feels awesome to be alive during one of the most incredible shifts in human history. There is a reawakening of spirit and hope that is reaching far greater than the US border. I feel it, and I know you do too.

This is one of the most beautiful ‘first dance’ video clips I have EVER seen. Plus, Beyonce absolutely nailed her performance! I love that she got choked up at the end. I may have shed a tear at home as well. ;) 

PS – at 33 seconds I could swear Obama says "Hi my love," to Michelle. Be still my heart.

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Purple Passion

I really love purple. It’s such a regal + romantic colour PLUS it’s super trendy right now! So, when I saw these cufflinks, I had to share. Cuffwear designer Chris Zownir is a Bay Street banker-turned-fashion-guru who has followed his dreams to create something fun for men’s fashion. Choose from six unique lines of links to get a perfectly personal gift for your husband to be! BONUS: free shipping in Canada. 

p.s: in honour of our JET SET issue (on Canadian newsstands near you), check out THESE cufflinks. So cute! 

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like in NYC during Bridal Market? (Bridal Market is a bi-annual fashion week/end for the wedding industry). It’s fun, fast-paced and a GREAT way to spend a weekend hob-nobbing with the whose-who in bridal couture as they introduce their newest designs for all the world to see. It’s a dream assignment, really.

Normally I get to go and enjoy the shows myself. Yes, it’s one of the BEST parts of being a wedding magazine editor. But, in mid October I was diligently working away at the office here in Vancouver on the layout and production of our Jet Set issue (on newsstands NOW) and therefore, had to miss my favourite weekend getaway. The more fortunate (not to be confused with spoiled) members of the WedLuxe staff (Bruce and Carolyn) headed off to NYC without me for market where WedLuxe had an all-access media pass to several of the elite shows. This meant our cameras could be there to capture the fashion and fun.

Kudos to my uber-talented partner (and cinematographer, Bruce from Cloud Nine Creative) for this GORGEOUS video trailer. It was amazing to see the video when I couldn’t be there in person. I hope you enjoy it. 

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