We were thrilled to chat with fashion designer Mark Zunino when he visited Toronto earlier this month! The designer, known for his glam evening dresses and bridal gowns, was in town for his first trunk show at Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay where his bridal collection is exclusively retailed in Canada. Zunino dished on dressing Canadian brides, his latest collection, and more!

Why the designer is excited to work with Canadian brides:

“I have a lot of Canadian clients that I do custom work for, and I find there is a much more progressive vibe when it comes to fashion with the bride’s here. Overall, they’re a little less traditional which gets me excited as a designer.”

On the Mark Zunino bride:

“I get the girl who thinks outside the box! She is usually confident because what we do has a little more of an edge to it. She’s also a sexier girl no matter what her size and she has an awareness of fashion.”

His new collection:

"What sets this collection apart is the inner structure of the gowns. Having a Hollywood background, I know that no one has a perfect body. I usually start with a corset and then add things like separate zippers, bra straps, and double corseting. The built-in corset can take two to three inches off anyone’s waist!” (Mark is a former wardrobe designer and creates custom gowns for a number of celebrity clients.)

On designing gowns for celebrities:

“I’m currently in the process of designing a wedding gown for a celebrity. I wish I could share the actresses name, but I’m sworn to secrecy! I get excited when designing for celebrities, but my real thrill in life is when I can make a 'regular, walk of life girl' feel like a celeb.”

On what’s next for the designer:

“I’m currently designing a collection of bridesmaid dresses that I’m really excited about. Just like brides can be sexy and fashionable, so now can bridesmaids and the mother of the bride too.”

We can’t wait to see the designer’s bridesmaid collection when it launches later this year! The Mark Zunino gowns featured above can be seen in the the current edition of WedLuxe Magazine (Summer/Fall 2014, Eastern Edition [gown on right] & Western Edition [gown on left]) on newsstands now.

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