Brides with an appreciation of fashion history will LOVE the over 1,000 vintage pieces that make up Carole Tanenbaum’s debut bridal collection!

After featuring earrings from her collection on our Summer/Fall issue (above), we visited the fabulous Carole Tanenbaum herself (and her lovely team) at the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection headquarters in Toronto to view over 1,000 vintage pieces that make up the new bridal collection.

Carole swept us off our feet by showing us drawers chock-full of sparkly baubles, including Swarovski crystal necklaces from the 1920s and stunning earrings from the Post-Victorian era. The pieces are PERFECT for brides with an appreciation of fashion history.

“I want brides to know that they don’t have to wear these pieces for just their wedding day. They can wear the items for another special event or pass them on to their children—they’re heritage pieces,” says Carole.

The beautiful brooches in the collection are perhaps the most versatile pieces. “I love brooches in the hair or in a bouquet and they can also look unique in the back of a gown—it’s all about placement,” Carole shares.

We also spotted a range of vintage compacts that would make wonderful gifts for bridesmaids and gorgeous pieces geared to grooms, including cufflinks and filigree boutonnière holders.

We can’t think of a better “something old” than one of Carole’s exquisite vintage pieces.

The collection is available at White, Toronto and on the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection (CTVC).

Please note, the CTVC website represents a small selection of the pieces available (they have over 35,000 in total!) but they are always happy to take requests based on descriptions and photos.

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