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Top 10 Tips for Getting Perfect Wedding Day Eyebrows

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They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, and in that case, that means the eyebrows are the window frames! We all love a good brow, and by changing just the shape or color, it can totally transform the face. National brow artist for Benefit Cosmetics Canada, Breigh Bellavance, has seen her fair share of eyebrows over the years. Here, she’s sharing her top 10 tips to get the perfect wedding day eyebrows!


Doing your brow research will put your mind and your brows at ease. When researching, make sure you’re looking for an expert who specializes in eyebrows. Luckily, Benefit has Arch Experts at BrowBars located in most Sephoras across Canada who specialize in many brow techniques, which makes it super easy to find a brow expert for your big day.  





Save your permanent commitments for your vows! It’s best to avoid any long term brow enhancements or services as the results and healing can be unpredictable. The lead-up to your wedding is a great time to play with products and experiment with different brow styles. Once you fall in love with a look, you can always go in some for permanent brows after the big day.


Set yourself up for success by pre-booking all your brow appointments before the big day. Strong, natural, and healthy brows love consistency, so make sure in the months leading up to your wedding, you book in a brow check-up with your Benefit Arch Expert once every four weeks.


When it comes to maintaining your new brow shape, less is always more. Aside from a monthly brow waxing and tinting appointment, bridal brow maintenance is suggested to be very “hands-off”. Consistency is the key to having your best brows ever, so drop your tweezers, tuck away your magnifying mirror, and leave your brows to your expert. You’ll thank them later!



For any bride to be, using a brow conditioner morning and night can have a huge impact on the look of your brows. Brow conditioners are like a multivitamin for the brows, helping to strengthen the hairs and follicles. Some brow conditioners will even contain ingredients like soy and keratin, like Benefit Cosmetic’s BrowVo! Conditioning Primer. These ingredients are notorious for stimulating new brow growth, helping brows to appear fuller and thicker.


Partnering a brow tint with your next brow wax is the best way to see the full potential of your brows before your big day. Amongst our natural brow hair, lies blonde peach fuzz, and with a little hint of brow tint, that peach fuzz can act as major muscle to the brows. At Benefit, we give you a perfectly flattering brow tint by mixing a custom formula to ensure a bang-on colour match every time.


Letting your Arch Expert finesse and fill your brows post-brow appointment is the perfect opportunity to put your wedding day brow products to the test. Not only will your brows be styled and ready for anything, but you can now assess the performance and longevity of your brow fill.


When it comes to solidifying your wedding day brow shape, your brows should not look like “something borrowed,” but rather a refined version of your own natural brow. The shape should naturally compliment the angles of the face while allowing the eyes to shine. A lot of us love a bold brow, but the wedding aisle is not a runway. With a timeless and natural brow style, you can safely look back at your wedding photos with no brow-regrets.



Luckily, brow experts everywhere have cultivated some major tricks to help you achieve your brow goals almost instantly. While some areas of the brows may still need time for new hair growth, you can still have perfect brows if you’re open to “faking till you make it.” For instant brow satisfaction, use an ultra-fine tip pencil, like Precisely My Brow Pencil, to add natural hair-like strokes into any “in progress” areas of the brows.


With each brow appointment leading up to the big day, be sure to take before and after photos of your brows. The images will act as wedding day brow insurance. This way, when your dream brows are handed off from your Arch Expert to the trusting hands of your wedding day makeup artist, to then fill and fluff to their artistic vision, you can use the photos to show your makeup artist your vision and what you’re comfortable with.




Breigh Bellavance Recommends:

A foolproof recipe for wedding day brows that won’t budge starts with a waterproof brow base, like Brow Styler 18HR Wax Pencil by Benefit Cosmetics. This is a crucial step if you plan on dancing the night away with perfect brows! An equally essential step is to then sweep the brows with Gimme Brow +, a tinted fiber gel, to pump up the brow volume and to add natural, realistic dimension. Finish by locking down the brow hairs with a long-wearing clear brow gel, like 24HR Brow Setter. The long-wear gel will seal in any brow colour for a full 24 hours and will flaunt your fluff and natural brow hairs.


Click through this slideshow to see all the products mentioned in this article!

Check out Benefit for more eyebrow inspo!




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