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True Love, True Luxury: Marylou and Leighton

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This wedding seems like the perfect fit to post on a day that celebrates masquerade and all things carnivale!

The August 6, 2011 wedding of Marylou and Leighton was filled with dramatic Cirque du Soleil inspiration and colourful masquerade elements.

Without further ado…

WedLuxe: How did you meet?
Marylou: “Leighton and I met ten years ago at his brother’s engagement party, which was held on a boat that toured the Toronto Islands. Leighton was a groomsman and I was asked to be a bridesmaid. I didn’t know of Leighton or his family, but I had known the bride, Katherine, since I was a baby, although I hadn’t seen her for many years.
Within the goings-on of the engagement party, it was apparent that Leighton and I were set up. I mean, I was introduced to Leighton’s mother, Sharon, as “her future daughter-in-law” even before I met Leighton. Apparently, Sharon told Leighton that there was a girl coming to the party who didn’t know a soul and that he should take care of me and never let me out of his sight. And he never has.”

Describe your proposal:
“Leighton and his family have a tradition every Chrismas Eve in which, once we receive our new PJs, we change and gather in the living room, drink champagne, and listen to his father read “The Night Before Christmas” under the soft amber glow of their 12-foot Christmas tree. That year wasn’t any different, except that my brother and father were in attendance. I drank from my glass of champagne as his father read the story. I finished my glass, set it on the coffee table, and was contemplating pouring another glass. Leighton grabbed it and offered me the empty flute, asking if I was sure I was done with it. I looked at him skeptically–I mean, clearly it was empty. He asked again, this time shaking the glass in front of me. I finally clued in that there was a ring in there! I was grateful I didn’t chug that drink, because I most likely would have choked on the ring.”

How would you describe your wedding day?

Extravagant, colourful, whimsy with equal amounts glamour and heart.

What inspired a “Cirque du Soleil” theme?
“Leighton and I love Cirque du Soleil, so we strived to incorporate a lot of the visual elements into our reception: from the harlequin designs on some of the table cloths, the custom-painted manequins on the head table, the vibrant colours and the roaming artists and aerial artsists performing throughout the cocktail reception and the dinner.”

What was your favourite design detail?
“There are so many design details that I love; it’s hard to choose. The two that stand out for me, though, are the sugared lace flower + brooch bouqets that Kim Ironmonger of Valencienne created. Kim designed my gown and then used the same lace from my gown to create these mini bouquets that were to fit in to my flower bouquet. I can keep the lace bouquets, bunch them together, and display them in a little art niche until the day comes when I can pass it on to my daughter.

The other dwould have to be the painted manequins that sat/stood at our head table. Half their heads were lobbed off and filled with beautiful flowers that streamed from their heads like hair. It’s not every wedding you see a manequin as a centerpiece.”

The bridesmaids, child attendants, and mothers of the bride and groom had their ensembles custom-made by designer Kim Ironmonger of Valencienne. The bridesmaids wore purple French corded lace with corseted bodices a-line gowns that were above the knee. For the church ceremony, they wore tulle shawls that tied in a big bow at the back.

Valencienne comissioned swaroski crystal bracelets that could also be worn as necklaces.
The mother of the groom wore a blush pink vintage-inspired dress with chiffon rosettes that was mid-calf.
The mother of the bride wore a gold, appliqued lace gown with a ruffled shawl.

Decor and More provided decor, florals, and same-day coordination. (Sarah Downing was the same-day coordinator and Leslee Bell is the president of the company).

Cake designer Allyson Meredith of Bobbette and Belle created a six-tiered cake of various sizes and shapes and incorporated the Cirque du Soeil theme by adding three sugar masques and colours of pink, purple, and orange with black and white harlequin print and stripes. Flavours were hazlenut chocolate and vanilla w/ salted caramel.

“We also comissioned a groom’s cake, a wise old owl. We gave Allyson a budget for both, told her our theme, and just let her have free reign. I’m no artist, so I let the master do the work. She created masterpieces. I would never have come up with the design myself. Ever. I highly recommend giving a designer like her full creative control; you’d be surprised by the works of art conjured up.”

Photographed by: 5ive15ifteen Photo Co.
Wedding Gown and Bridesmaid Gowns: Valencienne
Reception Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Decor, Florals and Same Day Wedding Coordination: Decor and More
Hair Stylist/Salon (for Bride): Mimma Carone of Hair Design by Mimma
Makeup Artist/Company (for Bride): Patrick Rahme
Stationery Company: Smudge Designs




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