“This photoshoot was inspired by the famous novel The Three Musketeers. While discussing the idea of bringing a modern twist to an old 17th century classic, we decided to shoot it in such a way to portray the three dueling it out to win the love of the beautiful Constance Bonacieux. In the end, chivalry wins, and only one takes her hand in marriage. We combined the look of modern influences, and tied them in with 17th century inspirations throughout the piece.” – Carol Rame


The boxed invitation with hand-painted gold detailing and Swarovski crystals, is lined with beautiful suede on the inside, and completed with a small scroll. They matched beautifully with the hand painted monogram in the menus
and place cards. 

The linens, Limoge dishes, and antique silver add an intimate touch, combined with the beautiful crystal pieces.


The dress was custom designed with the high neck influence of the 17th century, and was made with raw silk reminiscent of that time period.


The cake reflects more modern, and detailed tiers, while tied in with the gorgeous croquembouche pastries.

Producer/Stylist: Carol Rame
Photographer: Heidi Ram Photography
Flowers: Fleurish Design Studio
Venue: The Elm Hurst Inn and Country Spa-Erin Lister
Custom Wedding Gown: Lisa Van Hattem
Cake: Whimsical Wedding Cakes
Custom Invitations: Jolie Papeterie 
Crystal Candelabras and Linens: Latkat Linens
Musketeer Hats provided by Stardust Dancewear & Costumes 
Tuxedos provided by Tuxedo Royale
Make-Up: Wina’s Aesthetics & Skin Care Clinic
Hair: Allure Hair and Make Up
Bride Model: Melissa Dyer
Musketeer Models: Jason Morrow , Jeff Nowacki, John Nowacki

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