2018 WedLuxe Wedding Show Terms and Conditions

1. All displays, exhibits, and decorations must conform to, and comply with the rules and regulations of THE CARLU and OLIVER & BONACINI EVENTS AND CATERING and should be free standing without attachment to walls, ceilings, or doors. All exhibits must be properly protected so as to avoid danger to any person or persons visiting or taking part in the exhibition. The Show organizers and the venue shall be indemnified by the Exhibitor against any claim or action on account of any inquiry or damage being caused, or occasioned by any exhibit to any persons whatsoever.

2. Items may not be attached to any stationary wall, door, window, or ceiling with nails, tape, staples or any other means in order to prevent damage to the facility, fixtures, and furnishings. According to Toronto’s fire regulations, all candles or any devices that emit flame or smoke must be enclosed in glass or non- flammable containers.

3. Every Exhibitor hereby accepts liability for all acts or omissions of himself, his employees, contractors, agents, and visitors and undertakes to indemnify the Show and keep them indemnified against all liability in respect thereof and against all actions, suits, and proceedings.

4. All displays, exhibits, decorations, and equipment must be loaded and unloaded at the designated loading dock. Deliveries cannot be accepted prior to the move in-date and will be turned away. Further information on loading/unloading will be issued 30 days before the show.

5. Exhibitors must wear WedLuxe Show ID badge for the duration of
the show and will not be allowed in and out of the event space without proper identification. We reserve the right to revoke the badge and show privileges of anyone exhibiting inappropriate behaviour such as (but not limited to) noise, safety hazards, or other reason found to be distracting another exhibitor. There shall be no return of payment if such rejection or prohibition is deemed necessary by the show organizers.

6. To maintain the integrity of this show, all booths are required to be presented in an upscale, professional manner. The Show organizer reserves the right to request any modifications to your booth upon inspection before or during the show. Exhibits must be confined to the exact floor space allotted by your contract.

7. Exhibitors do not have the right to use the name “THE CARLU” or the logo associated with such trademarks.

8. The Exhibitor shall be responsible for: a/ their exhibit installation which is required to be completed no less than two hours before show commences. b/ Unless otherwise noted, exhibitors are responsible to have a representative on site for the duration of the show hours. c/ Entire exhibit removal from the Exhibition premises within four hours. d/ Storage of all crates and empty cartons is not allowed and any such material must be removed prior to show commencing. There is no on-site storage for crates, boxes, cartons, etc. Please plan accordingly. Show hours are Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 7:00pm-10:00pm and Sunday, January 14, 2018 from 9:00am-5:00pm. Organizer has the right to modify hours of operation.

9. No assurance or guarantee of any kind is offered by the show organizer and none is to be given, invoked, or otherwise applied on the part of the Show organizer, for any goods or services tendered, sold or otherwise traded at the show.

10. The use of microphones or headsets is not permitted.

11. Publicity Material: may only be displayed and/or given away from
the Exhibitors’ own stand. NOTE: WedLuxe Media is the organizer of the event and therefore reserves the right to be the exclusive bridal media distributed and promoted at the show. No other magazines or media can be distributed or promoted within the venue during show hours or from exhibitor spaces. Other bridal media logos or “work as seen in” other bridal magazines are not allowed to be displayed in the booth or on booth signage.

12. The show organizer has the right to deny admission of any exhibitor or product.

13. If a catering company wishes to provide a sample of their product, the venue will provide refrigeration space for flat rate additional fee. The following conditions will apply: signature item must be completely prepared on-site, must not require any heating, and must be stationed (not passed); vendor must bring in own rentals. Any vendors wishing to provide their own food service must present the WedLuxe team with exact sizing specifications required for refrigeration for venue approval. Based on the size and space requirements, a fee may be levied for use, which will be determined with approval.

14. Exhibit spaces may not be shared/subletted. (i.e. if you want a decorator or florist to assist with your booth design, they must be a participant at the Show). ITEMS used as part of a tabletop design must be sourced from other exhibiting vendors). No in-booth credit or marketing material can be shared for any non-exhibiting vendors.

15. 2ft x 2ft cruiser tables must be attended by a maximum of one company representative at any one time. Signage must be atop the table and entire display must be contained to the tabletop. 2.5ftx6ft spaces must be attended by a maximum of two company representatives at any one time, Additional representatives will be permitted at a cost of
$50 per person.

16. Spot lighting and Special Booth Production/AV Requests: An Exhibitor’s Handbook detailing our Show sponsors and preferred lighting/AV contacts will be sent in December 2017.

17. Helium Balloons are permitted with the following exceptions:
a/ The balloons must be heavily weighted to prevent oating to the ceiling. b/ Any exhibitor displaying helium balloons within their exhibit space will be required to sign a waiver with THE CARLU agreeing that if balloons come loose and oat to the ceiling, the Exhibitor will be billed a $1000.00 removal fee, payable immediately to THE CARLU.

18.  The show contract once signed and submitted is non-cancellable and non-transferrable.